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Friend keeps going after the same guys as me constantly!

I have this "friend" and we have been quite close for 2 years now.

It seems as though every time I start dating someone, or if I fancy a guy, my friend has to either try to sabotage it by telling him bad things about me, or will try to seduce him herself!

She always does it underhandedly. The last time it happened, she already had a boyfriend, and she asked to see pictures of the new man I was seeing. When I showed her, she commented on how "yummy" he is, and then said "I won't steal your man again JOKE." I confronted her about it her inappropriate comment but she acted clueless, saying she's already got a boyfriend and he's not her type.

Then next thing I know, she somehow found my man's Facebook profile, added him and was trying to message that same man I was seeing on Facebook behind my back, and was sending him suggestive pictures of herself. She does all this behind my back while telling me "what beautiful babies him and I would have" and how she's "rooting for me" to my face. She always tells me that I'm pretty and "perfect" but then goes and does this to me.

I don't understand why she has to sabotage me when I have a decent man in my life. She has done this many times. The last time she did this, she cheated on her boyfriend with the guy I liked, got together with him and when I talked to someone new, she tried to cheat on her new boyfriend with my new crush.

What do I do about this friend? She's good in other ways.
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Read the first 4 words again. If you have to put friend in inverted comments, she isn't one. Ditch her.

Though it doesn't say much for the guys you pick if they have their head turned by this girl...
Have fun with her.

Find a good looking man with a hopeless personality. He might be a nice guy, that's dull as dishwater. Or he could be the clingy type, texting 36 times per day. Or some variation on this theme. Make a move on the guy. Get friendly with him. Then tell her about this "fantastic guy" you're trying to hook up with.

Meanwhile get yourself a guy that's right for you. And don't tell her about him till you and him are very much an item and you've briefed him on her ways.

From your description your friend might be a "good psychopath". Read up on psychopaths for an insight as to how their minds work differently to empaths.

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