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Business or law clearing Ucas

Originally I had applied for law and was very determined on it but had picked and was thinking it through as I would go into corporate anyways, so leave all the legal stuff, I had initially picked law thinking it would offer more career pathways to me but even if it did, I was only going to go into corporate.

I've done my UCAS and sent it off, its been like two months, but now im having a sudden change in my course and want to look into business which I had originally planned anyways way before the idea of law got into my head, but now I'm worried because my application has been sent off, I have to wait for clearing and if I go through clearing and get a space, will I have to do a foundation year? im currently already studying BTEC Business for A levels but I don't want to do a foundation year. and will I have the option to go through business management as a course in clearing because its very competitive or what not? also because ive written a personal statement on law I can only use that even if I go through clearing so will it affect my chances even though there are mentions of corporate within my personal statement

Please some advice

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