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Exceptional Circumstances and resits

Hi, I'm a third year currently at UoS. I've passed every year and never had to make an EC claim at all in my Uni career until this New Year to do with an accident within my family (it was fairly serious and required me to focus my attention back at home, right in the middle of the normal essay period...)
My EC claim was accepted for late submission (+7 day penalty was waivered, which I originally applied for thinking this would be ideal given my situation and most my essays were more or less done just needed revising and finessing) which was good news as it allowed me time to finesse a few of my essays however there is one particularly large assignment that I intended on tackling even further through January... that I haven't been able to (it's intense and required a lot of focus on and I really have not been in the head space to even think about it), I was informed that my claim would automatically become one of which gives me the opportunity to resit/submit the assignment in August '24 (my tutor for this module in particular also said this would be a good/possible option when I explained my circumstances and what had occurred). However, I don't know whether to just power through and try my best to complete it if this would impact my graduation chance since the submission period is after graduation.

I'm waiting on a response from the Student Experience but thought maybe someone else had an answer as it's really a head spin for me... any response of clarity would be brilliant! Thanks.

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