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Only a single mark below entry requirements for ideal unis Computer Science

I am currently on a gap year - initially started the year attending university studying physics, however have since dropped out because I know I want to study computer science instead and could not make it through a physics degree. Having taken my a-levels in 2023, I achieved A*AAA with the A* in chemistry and As in maths, further maths and physics. The incredibly frustrating thing is, was I was only one mark off an A* in maths (after remarks). I am resitting maths with a kindly predicted A* from my sixth form teacher, but I am having difficulty deciding where to apply to with my exceptional circumstances as so many unis require an A* in maths and do not accept resits. Does anyone have any experience with this and could help me out? Would my 1 mark off an A* in maths with a retake be effectively considered an A* or would I be filtered out immediately? For context, I am considering applying for unis such as Warwick, Bristol, Bath, Durham (natural sciences), Kings and Imperial. Any help would be great thanks, as I have already emailed the unis themselves and have been returned some very vague responses.

Did you try to transfer to CS at your previous university? Even if that was a deferred start it would have given you a safe fall back option.

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