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bad friend

hi guys, i dont have many friends so i dont really know who to talk to about this but, my friend of many years is fake and i feel so hurt, the other day i found out she was messaging my boyfriend behind my back, i asked her about it yesterday and she kept making excuses like "oh we were just talking about you", theres no reason why they would need to be conversing with eachother, im not worried about my bf, he is the one who shows me the messages and thinks shes weird but i want him to just block her or just ignore her messages, she makes it so obvious that she likes him and its annoying me, last month when we went out i asked her to take my pictures and she kept on doing a **** job she even put finger prints on the phone camera so the images came out blurry so i got no good pictures that day but i took good ones of her which she posted on IG the same day, shes always in my bfs ig comment section before i can comment....
She has no right to speak to your boyfriend without permission or at least you knowing thats is a fake friend like you said. I say ignore her i know its hard to let a friend of years go like that but let her be a bit** and you go another way. And you are lucky your boyfriend showed you the messages so at least you know he ain’t fake and he ain’t gonna cheat

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