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University Choice - Predicted grade

I am resitting Physics and Mathematics A-Level courses this year since last year I only achieved a D - Mathematics and E - Physics, C - Computer Science (Not resitting CS). I am learning independently but resitting at my previous college.

This makes things for university application slightly confusing having no solid grounds for a predicted grade. I am learning with Up-learn, which has a guarantee of A/A* upon completing the course and having a 90% score on content. This however is a gamble as I don't know how well I will do this year round.

For my reference I requested my head of sixth form to put down B/B for my predicted grades, but this only lands me with 112 UCAS points 'predicted'.

When I look at Mechanical Engineering courses on UCAS, some have 'UCAS Points': 112 - 158, or something like that; when you click on the course it then shows something like A*AA.

With my predicted now showing as BBC, is it a bad idea to imagine I could achieve 120 UCAS points with ABC, and apply for these said courses to not limit myself? Am I risking being rejected straight away?

For instance last year, Lancaster said that they would allow people onto the course for BMeng with BBC through clearing.

Just a bit confused and UCAS lines are closed, so need some advice.

Cheers guys.
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Its worth having at least one BBB / 120 points choice, possibly two.

Check the entry requirements carefully on each Uni's own website - dont rely on 3rd party websites with wacky ranges like 112-15 points as they can be incredibly misleading. Its also worth checking each Uni's Contextual Offer criteria on their website in case you qualify - usually its a one grade reduction and sometimes even two grades. If in doubt about this, just email the Uni and ask - or better still, phone them on Monday as its so near the deadline.

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