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Dissertation Idea Dilemma and Supervisor Opinion

Hello fellow student! I'm currently in my master's degree studying Business Analytics, currently developing my research ideas involving AI, and was lucky enough to have some potential supervisors willing to help me. Here are how they're perceived through my POV:

Prof A (Supply chain)

Super supportive, we've been discussing ideas for more than a month and he recommended involving Blockchain in the research (which is not taught in my course, but the idea is simple enough that I can find some of the code templates on the internet)

Long list of experiences and has a huge load of funding from many sources, like governments and the Arabs. he even promised me that he'd recommend me for PhD studentship, and hire me to be his research assistant and some of his projects.

Disadvantageous: he only has a few ideas of how to build the AI model and blockchain, and I kinda feel that I'm just combining the basic idea of the two techs, which I can see how it'll be beneficial if it were implemented in the industry, but for Ph.D. studentship? Not quite sure

Prof B (AI engineer)

This Prof is in the top 2% of scientists in the world! very competent in his field and knows exactly what I'm talking about, even reciting a lot of advanced tech names over and over again to improve my ideas.

Crazy research papers here and there, something that I'd expect to only happen in the next 15 years min.

Disadvantageous: We only met once in the class, and the motivation is (in my opinion) to only produce a good paper, most of his profiles are academia-related (no funding list like the previous prof)

Also, I'd like to also ask if my idea of combining two techs will actually lead me to a Ph.D. studentship if anyone has any idea how that works. As far as I've done my research, the furthest to the past paper that shares some of my ideas was from June 2023, but I haven't been able to find anything else beyond that.

Looking forward to your*inside!*Cheers!

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