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dissertation capacity is full help

At my uni dissertations are not compulsory and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to take one I thought I’d take the summer to explore what topics I’d wanna discuss , read books , educate myself a lil . Final year is about to commence soon so wen I went to chnage my module it said the capacity for people that wanna take dissertations is full . Ik ppl drop out of modules and stuff , is there a chance I could still take a dissertation. I don’t want my future to be impacted . Any help appreciated
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So it sounds like you initially didn't pick Dissertation and now you're on a waiting list. You could enquire how many people are in front of you? No idea what you're chances are. Never heard of Dissertation numbers being restricted like this before but it could be down to the number of available Supervisors. AS to the impact on your future, it's hard tp say - do you want to do a post-grad course?

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