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For studying economic - U of Manchester or Lancaster

I am an international student and I got an offer from this two for studying economics. Which one is better for studying economics? Which U is better for job seeking after graduated?
Hi there!
Congratulations on your offer to study at Lancaster! We're delighted to know you're considering attending Lancaster for university. I am also an international student and can understand the importance of going to a university that offers good career and employment opportunities.

Lancaster is higher ranked than Manchester in overall rankings and also for Economics, while rankings may not be indicative of getting better job offers, however, it shows the quality of education and services. I believe the Lancaster University Management School, which Economics is part of, offers a great amount of support concerning career advice and employment opportunities.

There are often workshops for CVs, Cover Letters, and Interview Skills offered to students to help them in their application process. Careers fairs are also hosted that bring in a host of companies with different specialities, where students can network and acquire opportunities they may not be able to do themselves. There are also often internships and placements that are available for students to get through the university and department which would bolster your CV and future prospects.

I hope this helps if you feel you still have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask any questions here. I will also include a link for the Ask a Student page, if you wish to talk to an Economics student.

Best wishes,
Lancaster University Student Ambassador,

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