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Changing from a degree to an apprenticeship.

Hi, I joined the university of Plymouth autumn 2023. Currently half way through my first year of civil and costal engineering. When deciding to do this I rushed in and did not explore other options. I’ve found myself not happy with my choice, feeling like I haven’t had this change I expected when going to university, it’s left me un-motivated and just a bit down in my day to day life.

I have started to look into apprenticeships in the area and there are a good few high grade companies offering top quality courses. Which I have all the qualifications needed to start.

Just wondering if anyone else has any options or different views I haven’t yet thought of on this matter. Is it a good idea? In the engineering industry is it wise to do an apprenticeship over a university degree?

I also have an excellent group of friends which I currently live with in a house. I have already signed for a new house next year with them. If I were to transfer to the apprenticeship (which is very close to the university) would I still be able to live with this group?

Thank you for any comments :smile:
Do you actually have any offers for apprenticeships?
They aren’t as straightforward to get offers for as just having the grades.
Always ask about completion rates - degree apprenticeships have only around 50% of students who start them finishing.
Ask about council tax exemption too. If the pay is too high or the qualification isn’t on a short list then you will be liable to pay council tax for your entire student household as the only non student.
If your in the engineering field yes, apprenticeships are a lot better than the traditional route, especially within civil engineering due to skills shortages. We have had summer interns who are usually in their 1st/2nd year who we have then converted into apprentices for their 3rd year.

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