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Advice with dropping my advanced highers in s6

I've been struggling with my anxiety for months, and my doctor and therapist have told me that the best solution would be to drop my two advanced highers and keep doing my two highers (photography and modern studies) as im already in university and the advanced highers wont do anything for me but stress me out.

I expressed this to my school, but they are telling me i either have to do all four classes (which has been stressing me out for months) or leave school completely and get NOTHING out of my s6 year. I have told her time and time again i DONT want to leave school, as i still want to see my friends and go to prom etc. They've told me it is "impermissible" however medical professionals have told me that is ridiculous.

Can i have some advice on what to do? They keep rejecting everything.
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I’m really sorry to hear that :frown: Perhaps your doctor/therapist could give a note or similar? I know that in other schools it isn’t required to do 4 subjects - provided that you have your required grades/subjects. So it’s strange that your school says it is ‘impermissible’… 😕
If that doesn’t work, maybe your school would let you drop your advanced Highers and add 2 additional National 5s to your Highers? If you have already achieved all your required grades, then adding in some fun/easier National 5s could lift some of the weight off your shoulders - and give you an enjoyable last year! I heard that RMPS and admin are fairly easy, and the fun ones would really depend on your interests! Some examples would include: art, practical cookery, music, media - anything you would enjoy ☺️
Hope this helps ! Good luck :smile:

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