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Endless MAFS!

I'm a guy living with three housemates, one guy & two girls. The guy is very much "one of the girls" so it's not like theres much male bonding going on (despite my best efforts) but every night they all watch Married At First Sight back-to-back and endlessly gossip about it the whole time, and every day. Basically from 8pm onwards it's a write off if I want to relax and watch TV or a film, or even just be downstairs.

I really feel uncomfortable with the toxicity of the show and how it manifests in my housemates, and I don't want to feel forced upstairs every night, and I'm not sure its fair that they feel its their right to decide "its 3 against 1"

I hate to cause a bother or conflict, but how (and do I) politely make them aware it makers me feel forced out, and that I should have some say in things too? Surely thats not too much to ask?

I'm lead tenant as well, organising everything i.e bills and leasing with the landlord etc, and I just feel like I'm being taken for a fool, but don't want to burn bridges, especially when there's no chance of me being able to find somewhere else for the next 5 months!

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sorry to hear this! Might be worth putting the tv on before them, so they don't have a chance lol Would also be worth speaking to them and trying to sort out a designated movie night - you could also invite some friends over and watch a movie with them before they set up their show, so they can back off. Though sometimes it's alright to be blunt and just say; 'don't you guys get bored of watching this?' Whether it's 3 against 1 or whatever - you pay the bills too and you do a lot for the place so they can shush they don't own the tv and they're not being fair, it doesn't need to be confrontational and you guys could even try to do different movie themes so that it suits everyone? Like each person could choose a movie per week - or just assign each person time to watch the tv

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