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Advice for disabled student from Canada about accommodation

hi everyone, I am a physically disabled international student from Canada wanting to study in the UK. I want to ask about accommodation --> Any UK universities with good and ample accommodation for disabled students? besides Oxbridge, is there any school that will offer accommodation for all years? Can I request it because of my disability?
I am not sure how it works specifically for international students, but with my experience as a disabled home student applicant has been fine. On my UCAS application, I put I had a disability and then the disability support teams at the various universities reached out and asked what support I needed.
Universities will have adapted accommodation (typically set out for someone in a wheelchair, but can be for anyone and adapted). There will be enough and they cannot charge more than the price for the same type of room for a non-disabled person (e.g. the same price as an en suite room in that accommodation block).
Most universities will have some rooms that are available for 2nd and 3rd year students, but not that money. I would say ask them and then apply early in 1st year.
Different universities will have different rules - so I would email them or have a conversation for the finer details

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