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What age did you start university at?

If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?
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If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?
Hi there

Although most students start University when they are 18, there are many students that start University at a later age. :smile:

There are many mature students who have taken a gap year before choosing to study at University. If you are joining University after 18, you do not need to worry! :smile: There are many students who will be in the same position as you.

At University, you are not limited to making friends in the same group, and you will constantly meet students who are in year 2, 3, and even postgraduates. So I am sure you will be able to meet your group of friends. :smile:
I hope this helps.

University of Kent Student Rep
Which time? :tongue: After the first time I tried uni, I was "older" than school leaving age. It didn't really affect anything for me - the second time when I was about 20 or 21 I was basically more or less in the same age group as everyone else anyway and there was not difference. The most recent/current time...several years after's not affected it for me although equally at the age I'm at now I just wasn't really interested in engaging in the usual frivolities.

I've known people who started as mature students in their late 20s/early 30s who did want to do the whole clubbing and binge drinking malarkey and had no issues fitting right into the school leavers doing that (perhaps even better as they had more experience with it and knew how to avoid making an ass of themselves on a night out!). Equally I've known mature students in that age range who preferred not to engage in such things and were friendly with the people on the course but ultimately saw it as a means to and end and had their own friends (and in some cases, families) and so weren't really needing to engage with the social life side so much.

For students in the 19~25 range you're basically exactly the same age group as all those who started as school leavers +/- gap year(s) and are in their undergraduate courses anyway. 4th/5th/6th years engage with 1st years on nights out (depending on their proclivities...) so it stands to reason a 1st year the same age as a 4th year would equally fit right in!

Ultimately social life at uni is what you make of it. University isn't age segregated like school, and basically everyone from age 18-29 looks more or less the same anyway so it's not like anyone would know unless you say so. And people don't care even if you are older than that.
Original post by Anonymous #1
If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?

I started University at 18 and then changed uni's after my first year and went into first year again at Liverpool at 19. I met so many people who were 20,21 and even 26! We all got along so well as we were all in the same boat! My partner was 21 when he began uni, and two girls in my flat in my first year were 23.
My point is, there is no saying what age is 'best' to start university as everyone is different and you will meet so many people from all ages who are all looking to make friends and enjoy themselves!
Social life at university is your own, you can do as little or as much as you want with people of any ages which is the great thing about university! Third years go out with first years and so on, there is no segregation between age groups and everyone is just looking to have fun with their peers 🙂
I would recommend looking into societies and sports clubs as these are always great ways to create the social life you want at uni!
In summary, there is no need to worry about the age you are when you go to university- so many people go at many different ages! Good luck and enjoy 🙂

Official LJMU student Rep
Original post by Anonymous #1
If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?
Hi there,

Many people do start university at 18, but it is common to see people of all ages at different stages of their education!

I made friends with so many different people in my first year. Some 20, 21, 22 - even 26 and 28. It is not uncommon to see people delay their studies or choose to change routes, which causes them to be slightly older, but it is hardly a problem.

For me, age rarely came up. I didn't even realize some of my friends were older until a few months in! And there are so many opportunities to meet people the same age (e.g., in societies, at events, and even on your course) that it shouldn't be a problem!

I hope this helps,

Third-year Geography with a Year Abroad Student
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24, I didn't really get involved with it because I commuted and already had an established group of mates. I wasn't there for friends, really.
Original post by Anonymous #1
If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?
Hey there 😀

I started my first year at the age of 19 as an international student. Subsequently, in my second year, I opted for a year-long student exchange, which means I am away for a year, and I will enter my third year at the age of 22. To be honest, I have never felt any significant difference or stress regarding my age and its effect on my social life. A few years' disparity seems insignificant, often passing unnoticed.

Within my social circle, I have friends both younger and older than myself. This leads me to believe that age variance holds no impact on the richness of one's social life at university. Ultimately, it is our own initiative that shapes our social experiences. By participating in various social events, joining societies, engaging in class discussions, and more, we have the ability to create an enriching social environment. The university journey introduces us to a multitude of individuals of different age, from distinct backgrounds and holding a variety of interests, fostering the formation of meaningful and enduring friendships along the way.

I hope it was helpful 💪 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 😉 You can also chat with me or other students directly through The Ambassador Platform.

Take care,

Psychology student
De Montfort University
Original post by Anonymous #1
If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?

Although I did in-fact join University at 18, I feel I could potentially contribute to the conversation 🙂

I was a very introverted individual by nature. However, when I did eventually make friends, they were a range of ages. From people in my class to mature students and even those in the year below me. In University, age differences aren't as big of a deal as they were when we were younger - people barely make note of it.

Truly, University life and friendships are what you make of it. It was through our Student Ambassador scheme that I was able to meet a range of different people. I regularly go out with them - especially after a long shift at work.

So, from my experiences, being a young or mature student does not affect your university experiences or affect your social life.

Iris - third year Politics student at City, University of London
24 and maybe 41!!
Original post by Anonymous #1
If you started later than 18 did it affect your social life or did you have a good one?

Hi there,

I started uni when I was 20! Although lots of people do start when they are 18 straight after school/college, a lot more people than you would think start at a later age than this.

It didn't affect my social life at all, nobody is that bothered about your age and an age gap of a couple of years doesn't make any difference when you are at uni. In my flat, some people were 18, some were 19 and some 20 and it didn't make it any different for me even though I was the oldest. On my course as well there was a big mix of different ages, from 18 to around 24 and everybody got on as a class.

There will be people of all ages in societies, on nights out etc and you will meet so many people with a variety of different ages so don't let this affect your university experience at all!

I hope this helps,
Lucy -SHU student ambassador.

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