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I'm Scared I won't get a Graduate scheme After University, should I be worried?

I'm roughly 20, I'm coming to the end of my first year in university, and I'm an orphan and have no family to fall back on. I've be overthinking so much lately that it's been keeping me up all night for months, I keep hearing about how impossibly hard it is to get a graduate job, and it scares me, as I'm constantly doubting myself. I have a big vision of what I want to become and yet it all seems so impossibly out of reach. So, I am here to try gain some reassurance from you lovely people of the internet.

What career do I want? So far in my big book of potential graduate schemes I have about 60 schemes written down with big/small organisations with salaries from £30,000-£50,000, In jobs such as Global Banking & Markets schemes, manager schemes, chartered accountant schemes, business/finance analyst schemes, sales executive schemes, consulting schemes, project management schemes, and Investment banking schemes. Pretty much anything and everything you can Imagine which involves Business, management, finance, and accounting as I have deep passion and love for these areas and am not really that picky as to which job in these areas I get so long as there are paths for career development, and a potential for me to be able to use the skills/knowledge/professional certs acquired from them to potentially start my own business or get into senior management as that is my true career goal. And I'm willing to be the best at whatever it is I'll do to achieve this, even if it takes me decades.

Now what have I done so far to boost my employability?
As I said I'm only 20, though I'd like to think I've accomplished quite a bit for my age, though sometimes I have my doubts.
I'm currently studying Banking and finance BSC
during Uni first year I've completed a masters In accounting and finance, as I wanted to boost my odds if I were to apply to an accounting scheme
I've done multiple paid courses to learn extra skills like bookkeeping, sage, excel etc..
I've completed the chartered Institute of securities and investments level 3 investment management qualification
I'm currently trying to get on to the student ACCA program.
I have 4 years work experience spanning across, operations, logistics, customer service, whilst also being an assistant to director for 3 years for a property company.
I have had other jobs such as working in chemical/food factories (fabulosa/ Bakkavor) and warehouses in order to try and support myself after I left the RAF(joined after high school, wasn't for me) but I don't think I should put those on my cv.
I've also participated in extra curricular activities such as the Bloomberg Global Trading challenge in which I was first but then Hong Kong stole it last second I ended 7th world wide out of 2,000 university teams and first in Europe, but I think it's still Impressive.
I also practice the application tests weekly to make sure I'll pass the first step of the application process.

This is what I've accomplished so far in year 1 of university, knowing this, as well as the schemes I'm applying for, do you think I have a good chance at being accepted and receiving a job offer? If not, what more can I do please, as if I don't get a graduate job after University there's a solid chance I may become homeless, and it keeps me up at night. Thank you for taking the time to read my long post.

All that and your still worried lol

If theres any reason as to why you wont land a graduate scheme it will be because of your overthinking
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Original post by shimmyjimmyfor3
All that and your still worried lol

If theres any reason as to why you wont land a graduate scheme it will be because of your overthinking
Yeah I tend to overthink a lot, I just really want to make sure I do well, I can't afford to fail. Thank you though for your reply

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