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✨How to improve your mental health in March?✨Let share tips

I see a lot of students struggling with sadness and loneliness. I believe that if we share tips on how to improve our mental health while at university it can help others.

My humble tips are:
1. have a hobby, something that brings you joy. I know with the university it feels like you do not have time for hobbies, but you need to make sure you are happy to do work. Any hobbie. Watching Netflix is a passive hobby and I try to avoid it but if it works for you, why not? It also gives you something to talk about when with people.

2. Get enough sleep. Easy things become hard when you are tired. It doesn't matter if you get up very early or later on. Just having that consistent time of waking up is good)

3. Figure out what gives you motivation. Some people rely on motivation that comes from them (enjoying the subject) or outside of them (expectations from others or rewarding yourself after studying). Of course, both can be a source of motivation at the same time. I believe motivation that comes from within lasts longer. I like reminding myself of what motivates me by making vision boards and handing up the certificates that I have previously achieved.

What are your tips?

Hristiana (Kingston rep)
(edited 1 month ago)
Reach out to others when you’re struggling easier said than done but they can help support you through difficult time

Practice self-care, whatever that looks like to you everybody is different. It might be gone for a walk every day or journalling reading or doing some meditation. Making sure that you take time for yourself is important.

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