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UCL 'Bartlett Development Planning Unit'

Hi everyone, I am a Korean student who will be studying in the UK in 2024 for a master's degree!
I have received offers from the following universities:
1. UCL (MSc Social Development Planning)
2. KCL (Development Studies MA)
3. Sussex (Development Studies)
4. Manchester (MSc Global Development)

I am satisfied with all of the schools, so I would like to hear recommendations from the community regarding which program is the most renowned in the field of 'development studies' and ‘reputation’.

As I plan to return to Korea, where the reputation of the university is highly valued, I am particularly interested in UCL and was wondering if the 'Bartlett Development Planning Unit' is as renowned as the 'Bartlett Architecture’. When I searched on Google, Bartlett itself is ranked first, so it's confusing.

On the QS World Ranking for development studies, UCL didn't even appear in the rankings. Is it because it's not classified under development studies but under the Planning Unit?

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