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i really want to get 7s and 8s in gcse but got 2 moths 5s to 7/8s is that possible

i am determined to change any tips . thank you

I want to be super positive and say yes, completly with the correct amount of effort put in and actually trying. So that means past papers, revision, more past papers and more revision. However without said effort, it wont be possible at all. But like I said I want to be positive so here are some tips that I think may be useful for you to try out:

Do a past paper on a topic and then watch the walkthrough version of it on yt. This way you can compare it to the markscheme whilst also getting an idea of how to structure the answer too. Also look at examiners reports, they really help!

Revise the parts that you are finding difficult because constant (even if its little) revision really helps to keep your mind retreving the information.

Ask people to test you. Whether it is a parent, sibling, freind or teacher, ask them to test you so you know and are recalling the information out loud too because I always find that helps.

Blurting is another way of recalling the information and then you can annotate the bluring by the parts you have missed and just add them in and work on them from there.

This isnt much but honestly if you stick with it religiously over the two months I really think you will see a huge difference.

I will also tag some users who may be able to help you more :smile:
@study23! @milktee @Trickia

Wishing you the best !
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Original post by uniqueen8888
i am determined to change any tips . thank you
How many subjects?
What are your current grades in them (is it 5s for all?)

It is possible depending on the above questions and how much effort you are willing to put in. You can't be scared of failing to the point where you don't try. What I do when I get worried is that I use that fear as motivation. What good is it to sit there panicking when you could be working towards making things better? That's your first step, change your mindset to I can do this, I will do this. At the end no matter the results you know you tried your best, but you have to make that first step.

Now make a study plan. I'd start with 2 hours daily. This allows time for other commitments. Lets say you do 8 GCSEs which we will name A B C D E F G H. Your schedule would be:

Mon - 5-6pm A recall, 7-8pm B practice questions
Tue - 4-5pm C notes, 7-8pm D recall
Wed - 4-5pm E recall, 6-7pm F notes
Thu - 4-5pm G notes, 7-8pm H recall
Fri - 4-5pm A notes, 7-8pm B recall

By Friday you have done at least an hour on each subject, but 10 hours of revision overall. Then on the weekend try 3 hours per day. That means 16 hours in a week. May not sound like much but in a month that is 64 hours. And DO NOT INCLUDE HOMEWORK IN THESE TIMES. Schedule hw as well, but don't trick yourself into oh I did my hw that's enough work.

Recall is your BEST FRIEND. Do whatever works for you - notes, flashcards, videos to actually learn the content. Then get a whiteboard of notebook and blurt everything you can remember about a topic without notes. What I like to do then is compare this with my notes and rate out of 5 how well I did - then I see my weakest areas clearly.

Your other bestie are past papers. This is most similar to what the exam will be like. Time yourself, try every question, then mark it. Where you lost out marks make a little note of what the correct answer was for last time.

Try working in a study group, do they force you to work? Do a past paper essay and ask your teacher to mark it and say what you did well. Constantly try to improve.

It is by no ways impossible, you just need the right work ethic. Good luck xx
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Original post by uniqueen8888
i am determined to change any tips . thank you
Those two have basically said it all - it is possible with effort and the right techniques (that work for you as well)
It depends what subject i.e if you a coursework subject it is best to ask a teacher about this xx
I went from a 5 in english to 9 in over 3 months (not counting summer hols I did nothing lol)
Watching videos to recap knowledge or fill in missing gaps can help e.g Mr Salles is good for aqa english - no idea what exam boards you do but he could help :smile:
Set up a study/revision timetable around your life so it works for you and you can even be bothered to try it

Best of luck in may xx

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