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How to earn money for yourself

At uni? Temp agency and casual work in most cases.
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Hi there,

If you're asking how to earn money while at uni for your upkeep, then you should find a part time job whilst at Uni or if you have a placement year for your course, that is also an opportunity to earn money whilst gaining experience in your field. There is also another option of doing an apprenticeship where you're working alongside studying a course, it's become really popular these days as well. You can also go to your careers service at your uni for more guidance. Hope this helps!
At University, there are many ways in which you can earn money. You can either find local part time jobs using platforms such as Indeed, or reach out to your University’s careers & employability team who will be able to help you enhance your CV to become more employable, and can also help you to find a job that interests you. Additionally, you could try to establish whether your University offers temp roles in the University itself such as a student ambassador role - this will not only allow you to make more money at University, but also be highly beneficial for your CV!

Original post by Khan129300
Hi there,

It depends on your lifestyle and needs. Can you fit in a part-time contract around your studies? Do you have any interests that might drive you towards a specific industry e.g. fashion retail? Alternatively, you might prefer flexible, casual work - there may be resources through your student union on finding this.

All the best,
Jaz - Cardiff student rep
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Hi there,

There are a few ways in which you can make money while you are at uni. If your timetable allows it, it's good to get a part time job as uni can be expensive and a lot of the time people od not have enough left over after their loan to live off os need another income.

Getting a casual contract job is a good idea if you timetable changes from week to week as this would allow you a bit of flexibility in when you work to fit around you uni schedule.

Jobs in pubs and bars are usually quite a good job as they tend to be evening or weekend work which is good to fit around your studies too. If you aren't at uni every day you could also get a retail job or any job where you work during the day.

A good idea if you want a flexible job is to look if your uni is advertising for any jobs. I am a student ambassador which is great as it is very flexible and fits around your uni commitments. They also want you to prioritise uni so you wouldn't have to miss any in order to work which is good as uni should still be the priority.

I hope this helps,

Lucy -SHU student ambassador.
Original post by Khan129300

It’s great to hear that you are looking for a way to finance yourself whilst being a student. The best way to do this is through a part-time job, this is what most students do however it is important to consider that it needs to be accommodating to the student lifestyle i.e not too many hours and / or late nights.

I would recommend getting in contact with your Career’s Team at the university (if you haven’t done so already) and looking at the university website for student jobs. By speaking to the career's team, they can inform you on any jobs within the university and possibly what's available in the area. For example, at De Montfort University we have Student Ambassador jobs (which is one of my part time jobs) and this role is incredibly flexible, optional and enjoyable as I have had some incredible opportunities presented to me through this role.

I would also recommend looking at some websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Unitemps and even Facebook.

If you have moved to a new city/ town for university I would suggest walking around with copies of CV to see if you can leave it anywhere because even if there is no part time work currently available there may be some soon or even temporary seasonal work. This may seem quite intimidating but the worse they can say is no, and I am sure they can relate to a time when they were looking for work.

From my friends’ experiences as students some of them don't work, some work in retail / food establishments, some work in their field of degree gaining experience and some just work seasonally. Why not also, ask around at university to your friends and peers perhaps they know of some work available.

I hope this helps and I will be happy to help any further
-Maddie, second year Health and Well-being in Society student at De Montfort University

If your course is not very heavy, you can find a part-time job in retail, leisure, or tutoring if that is something yo are interested in. If you are a full-time student with things like placement, it would be difficult to find a part time job and so I would recommend a zero hour contract, you can pick jobs when you are free.

In university, you can work as a student ambassador and pick up shifts when you are free. Your best bet would be to check Handshake (a website where universities share their job offers).

What sort of job are you interested in ?

Best wishes,
Haya - MBBS v
Original post by Khan129300

Hi @Khan129300

It depends on your schedule, your free time and energy but generally part time jobs are how most students earn money for themselves. These are usually jobs in the service industry ex. restaurants, pubs, cafes... but you can also find some administrative jobs too.
You can also do some apprenticeships or your uni could have paid opportunities, like student ambassador jobs or micro placements.
Overall, there are many opportunities, it all depends on the level of your engagement.

Good luck
MA Creative and Critical Writing at Uni of Suffolk
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Do work mate and also learn some skill.

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