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Social Support, Stress and Mood: A Comparative study of UK students and Nigerian stud

Can you join my study on Student Mental Health!
Are you a university student in the UK or Nigeria? Aged 18 and over ?

I am currently an MSc Applied Clinical Psychology student and I would appreciate your participation in my study focusing on understanding the mental health experiences of students.

What's Involved?
· Complete an online questionnaire about your experiences with stress, social support, and mental health.
· Your responses will help us gain insights into how social support influences mental health outcomes among university students.

Why Participate?
· Contribute to important research aimed at improving student well-being.
· Your input can inform targeted interventions and support services for students like yourself.

How to Participate:
· Simply click the survey link below to get started!
[Click to join]
scan the QR Code

Your participation is confidential, and your insights are invaluable. Thank you for considering joining our study on student mental health!

I am happy to complete your study too if you leave a comment or send me a message!
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