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Studying in Germany from England

Hi, I'm currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science in y12 in England, and am on track to get good results. I've been thinking a lot about studying abroad, specifically in Germany as I like the country as a whole and tuition is free. I'm still thinking of applying to 5 unis here just in case. However, to apply to most German unis the deadline is 15th July, while i will obviously get my results later in August. There are a few unis that have later deadlines but I would have to turn down my place at a UK uni and hold out hope that they'll accept me. Also, currently my German level is around A2/b1, and I am planning on studying intensively to get it up. Is it worth it to maybe go to Studienkolleg for a year, get my German skill up to c1 and then apply to university? I'm really unsure of what to do here, could someone who maybe now studies in Germany or knows how to apply offer some advice?

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