connect iPod to CD player?

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    This might be a really obvious thing, but I've had a quick google and can't find anything straight away.

    I want to connect my iPod to my car stereo (it has a CD player but not cassette). It is just the built-in stereo that came on my Clio, so its quite basic and doesn't have any ports or anything.

    I know you can get the cassette adaptor things, can you do this with CD players too?



    there are cheaper ones, but i find this one works pretty well. Also, with an FM transmitter you can connect it to any car, just plug it into the lightersocket and tune your radio to the frequency indicated on the transmitter.

    I have that one, and find it rubbish. If you have the money, you can get a decent Cd player that has an AUX port (the one u need to connect an ipod to it) for about £70

    for £40 for something that is variable quality at best, you may as well get a new head unit with AUX in. e.g for £50.

    I have just installed an iPod adaptor into my '01 Clio witht the Tuner List radio. If your Radio says Tuner List or Update List on the front you can get an adaptor made by these people,
    The model you'd want is CTARNIPOD003.

    It connects into the CD changer port on the back of the radio (I'm assuming you don't have a CD changer, or if you do you'd be willing to sacrifice having one to able to plug the iPod in) and enables you to use the stalk controls to change track and use the Radio presets 1-6 to select playlists.

    All you have to do is take the radio out using DIN keys (about £4 from Halfrauds), remove the ash tray, plug the lead and box of tricks into the back of the radio and then poke the lead down behind the blower control unit and pull it out where the ash tray fits. The ash tray and radio can then be put back in.

    I managed to get it for about £70 (inc p&p) which is a little more than an FM transmitter but the sound quality is better.
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