Recipe - roast potato chunks


6 medium sized 'New Potatoes' ..... (please try and keep them roughly the same size)

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Vegetable Oil



1) Add boiling water to an empty pot on the hob and put on high heat.

2) Take 6 medium sized New Potatoes and add them to the water. Leave for 30 minutes

3) Pre-heat the oven to 240 degrees on the top shelf (so that it get's as much heat as possible, you guys should be aware that the hottest part of the oven is the top). Place the roasting dish in the oven on the top shelf.

4) It depends entirely on the size of the potatoes but at around 25 minutes, use the metal skewer to see if the potatoes are ready. You should prick the middle of the potato and try and release the skewer (upright) from the potato by using gravity alone. If the potato does not slide down easy, then it's not ready. If it does slide off easily, then it's ready!

5) Place the strainer in your sink and empty the potatoes and water into it. Then once the water has been drained out, transfer the potatoes to a plate.

6) Cut the potatoes into chunks. They should be around an inch wide and an inch in length, but obviously you will get ones with rounded edges.

7) Add 6 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the roasting tray and leave that in the oven for a minute just so the oil can heat up. The trick to getting nicely roasted potatoes is to make sure the oil is nice and hot before hand. When you see the oil steaming up a little, then it's time to take the tray back out of the oven (use oven gloves ofc!) and add your salt and pepper seasoning to the oil. Be generous with the seasoning because that is what gives it such a nice taste.

8) Add the potatoes to the oil and turn them around so all sides are coated with oil.

9) Leave in oven for 30 minutes (turn them once, so at 15 minutes, turn the potatoes around).



Credit to James A !

You could use other veggies as well. Also after coating in the oil, sprinkle the veg with Balsamic vinegar, for less mundane flavour.