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    (Original post by dani t)
    you described my life, apart from I also have a severely disabled sister
    Wooh something in common :five:
    Ah, sorry to hear that :console:

    I wasn't sure whether to share my story or not, but I'm feeling quite proud of myself at the moment so may as well....

    I had a fairly normal childhood for someone whose parents decide to stay together 'for the kids'. When my brother finished his GCSEs (I was 18), my Mum and Dad started the process of separating. It was a little much to be around so I moved out into a flat with a friend. Six months later, I moved back in with my Mum who'd bought a flat of her own. I got a good job at a bank and did pretty well at progressing through the company so I was able to buy a flat when I was 23. I didn't do too well at living alone and fell into a deep depression. I moved in with some friends to see if that helped - it didn't. I took 6 months off work, got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I moved in with my Dad, got some treatment and started to get life back on track.

    Just as a went back to work, I met someone. He meddled with research chemicals and legal highs and I got sucked into that lifestyle. A month later I was pregnant and had to come off my meds. We gave it a go and moved in together - that's where the problems started. Things got verbally abusive and i did a runner in the middle of the night - back to mum's. Unfortunately, he left me with a lot of debt when he stopped paying the rent.

    I got myself back on my feet then we got back together again. Long story short: it all went wrong (unsurprisingly). All I can say is... research chemicals are dangerous. Obviously, I wasn't taking anything at that point, but they affect a whole family. Finally, I worked up the courage to ask him to leave.

    Anyway, I moved on, continued progressing in my job and started having therapy to get over the problems. Then, I lost my house and got made redundant in the same month and had to move back to Mum's. I used my severance package to pay off my debts, paid rent up front and signed up for an Access course. I'm doing really well... am still drug free (both prescribed and non-prescribed) and have gotten straight distinctions in the course so far. I'm moving away for uni, far from any friends or family support I have at the moment. I'm so looking forward to the fresh start and proving to myself, finally, that I CAN do well alone

    It seems as though 90% on people on here have suffered with either anxiety or depression at some point in their lives.

    Cheer up people!

    (Original post by littlejop)
    I repped you the moment you said you were proud of yourself. Rightly so, I can say after reading your story.

    (Original post by Multitalented me)
    For most of my life I've been struggling with self-confidence issues, desiring social acceptance & being too focused on getting other people to like me. I’m slowly learning to appreciate who I am & what needs improving, yes I’m not the most intelligent, good looking, strongest or popular guy in the world but I am who I am.

    I feel that I am often misunderstood & it hurts inside when some people perceive me in a way that I don’t feel is an accurate representation of myself. I’ve always had a fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment & letting people down. I know I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes in my life which I want to learn from. I aspire to be the best person I can be. Life is filled with many different challenges & once I start being comfortable in my own skin & believe in myself, then things will really change. I want to start making these days count & live life on my own terms, not let it be dictated by others & most of all be happy!

    There :erm:
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