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Welcome to the Mature Students Chat thread - please do introduce yourselves and use this space to chat and/or grumble about your daily lives and studies. We're a friendly bunch, so say hi! :hello:

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I'm not entirely sure how many mature students we've got on TSR so if you'd like to introduce yourself saying which course you're currently doing, why you've returned to education and any previous qualifications then it can at least be a starting point :biggrin:
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Hi, I'm 27 and am currently doing a science access couse in sunny Manchester. Hoping to do Physiology next year.
I feel really old reading some of the posts. Apparently after you turn 23 your life is over!
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Hi! I'm 29 and a 2nd year medical student @ Barts and The London.

Previous qualifications:
BSc Genetics
D.Phil Cancer Research.

Gone back to uni as I can't be a medical doc with out a medicine degree :smile:
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Just turned 21 and applied for 2006 entry :biggrin:
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Hi, I'm 27 and am currently doing a science access couse in sunny Manchester. Hoping to do Physiology next year.
I feel really old reading some of the posts.Apparently after you turn 23 your life is over!

there are a lot of students in my class that are over 23. i feel like an outsider sometimes because they talk about all their experience and everything that they have learned. i don't really know where i'm going with this.... but don't feel old, it is better that you start reading when you are ready for it rather than because everyone else is doing it.
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Cheers for the input guys, It was a massive change going back to education I must admit. I hadnt really "learnt" anything for 10 years (since school) so to be plunged back into the world of biology, chemistry and physics was a serious shock to the system! Nearly enough to drive me to drink!! (Good grief, I am turning into a student!)
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I'm 29 (not for long, sadly) and have just started an undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Egyptology at UCL.

A bit about my background: I got a degree in modern languages, then converted to law and spent a few years working as a solicitor before deciding to return to intellectual fulfillment and student poverty :smile:. Egyptology is something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.
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Hi, i'm nikk and 22 years old. I am studying at a BSc in human biology at Plymouth. I returned to education to try and fulfil my ambition to become a doctor (aim to do apply to med school next september).

I used to work as a network engineer for local government but that wasn't really what I have always wanted to do, so took the plunge and here I am! :smile:
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I deny I am a mature student (makes me sound ancient) my theory is that postgrad students don't count but most people disagree but I thought I'd post here anyway as I'm an oldie.
I'm 25 have a degree in English, an MA conversion to law and I'm doing my LPC at sheffield.

And I feel very very very old!!!
Hi there

I'm 21 and am studying MA Social Anthropology at St. Andrews
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Hi, I'm Jay. I'm 25 and I have just started the first year of a two year part-time science access course.

I would like to go on to university to study something like Biochemistry.

Previous qualifications are basically just GCSEs.

(feels like i've got such a long way to go!)

Hope to eventually do a MSc and Phd.
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(aim to do apply to med school next september)

Time is going too quickly :eek: Thought about schools yet?
23, started college in sept, doing A levels over 2 years in Chemistry, Physics, Biology Maths and at least AS Further Maths. I didnt do access as its one year (full-time) and i have no idea what I would be applying to for uni only two months into the course. Course is going away just trying to juggle work with studies.

Returned to education because i felt brain dead, seriously. The most intellectual stimulation was doing a few sums at work. I basically felt i could do a lot better!

Only worry, uni is 2 yrs away but I have no idea how I will afford it....(no parentaly support for most of us mature students!)
Not sure if I'm classed as a mature student or not... (especially seen as I'm probably towards the younger end out the people on my course.)

But any how, I'm 23, doing a PGCE with maths specialism. I've started it straight after finishing my undergraduate course too, so not really been out in the real world yet :smile:
Hi, I'm Jessica.

My educational history and plans can be found in my signature...
I am really a child, 24 is not old :P

Love life, married for 5 years today too!! Crazy me.
Artist, student.....
Not only that, she's lovely too and knows a lot about hair care. :p:

Ditto right back atcha!!! :smile:

What a sweetie you are!!! :biggrin:
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Apparently after you turn 23 your life is over!

Nah, it's 20 because then you are no longer in your teens. :wink:

I'm approximately 19 now and I feel old, except for the fact that I am mentally 16.
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Am doing an MA in international relations at the university of nottingham.

Have got a BA in international relations.
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I am 28 and am on the first year of a Law degree at Sheffield Hallam.

I finished a year long access course in Humanities and Social Science in June.

I had my first child when I was 17 so I havn't been able to get back into studying until now.

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