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I want to become a pilot when I finish education - whether it's military or civilian (preferably military, through University Air Squadrons?).

I need advice on what I should do at Uni, was thinking about doing Air Transport with Commercial Pilot training at Bucks, but there's no Uni Air Squadron which I was really hoping for...

These are my current subjects I'm studying:

AS Government & Politics
AS Geology
AS Geography

Not the perfect subjects to be taking if I want to be a pilot, and some people would say it's not realistic. I know, but it's my dream ever since I was little and I love flying.

I plan to see my subjects through to A2 and get at least Cs in all of them and at least one A or B.

I want to know what I can do at University aviation-wise, like a bachelors or something along those lines? I know there's Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training but I want to know if there are any other courses at other Universities.

Tried googling it and didn't find much that I was looking for, maybe you guys can help?

Thanks guys!
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I'm going to apply to Kingston university to study aviation with commercial pilot training.
You spend two years at Bournemouth airport (bcft) studying a foundation degree and get a pilots licence out of it.
Then you can top it up at Kingston uni for a year to get a BSc.

I think it's worth a look for you

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