Back from Interrailing - My Hints and Tips

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Okay so I thought I'd share my tips now I've come back from my 24 day interrailing trip, and various forums were very useful giving me a lot of info on what to(and not to) take so I thought I'd return the favour.

I did it a slightly unusual way in the sense we planned it meticulously rather than winging it like most interrailers do. Personally, I prefer having things planned rather than rocking up at hostels begging for a bed but do what suits you best. We did this as a group of 6 people would be unlikely to find a bed each in a hostel. It ensured we had relatively nice places to stay, and we were never worried about not having somewhere to stay that night.

We went from Manchester to Bruges, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Chur, Milan, San Remo and Paris. We used a mixture of buses, ferries, high speed and regional trains. I'll leave a couple bulletpoint-ed tips and my packing list for whom it may be of value.

Packing list:
Booking confirmations and e-tickets
Ipod + earphones X2 + charger
Mini speaker
Portable charger
Smartphone + charger
Pay as you go mobile spare + charger
Travel money card
Day bag

Drivers license
EHIC card
Pack of cards
Instant coffee and tea bags
Toothpaste + toothbrush
Sun cream
Medical kit
Disposable shot glasses
Sun glasses
Lightweight cagool
Language dictionaries
Universal plug adapter
Duct tape
Travel insurance documents
Loo paper
Travel sink plug
Sleeping bag liner
Travel towel
Plastic bags + bin liners
Contacts case + solution
Glasses + case

  • Make sure you get along with your friends very well, pick them well
  • Many, many books and a pack of cards for long journeys
  • Padlock for lockers in hostels, they aren't provided!
  • Sheets/sleeping bag aren't necessary, but a sleeping bag liner is a cheap, lightweight alternative
  • Don't bring many clothes, you'll regret carrying them. Take as small amount as you dare (I had 4 t shirts) and wash as regularly as you can in sinks in hostels (hence take the plug for sinks, not provided)
  • Always ask for help at the hostel's reception as soon as you arrive. They know all the places to visit for cheap/free
  • Make friends with people in the hostels, they will know the area and it will be nice to speak to someone new after only speaking with your group for a month
  • Even if not planning on anything much, always take a form of ID and our EHIC with you at all times. Luckily I had mine on me at a point when I banged my head and needed a hospital trip urgently without enough time to go back to the hostel to pick up my wallet

Feel free to ask me any questions about any part of the trip, be it about travel methods, places to see and stay or going in such a large group! I'd highly recommend it as a holiday!
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Thanks for this

Just going to subscribe to this. Might reply later if I have any questions!

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