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Hi, I lost my retainer about 3 months ago and I've recently started panicking. I believe it's either been thrown away, or left somewhere outside my house. I called up my orthotic clinic and they told me it would cost £250 for the set of retainers (£125 per retainer) as my treatment with the NHS has ended and the new retainer would be private treatment. Might be worth mentioning that from the get go the bottom retainer didn't fit well, when I first picked them up the orthodontist picked up on it and tried bending it to get a better fit but it never fitted well, while wearing the bottom retainer for prolonged periods of time it would cause great discomfort(this never happens with the well fitting top retainer, and my bottom teeth are much straighter than the top ). My bottom teeth haven't moved house, probably not at all but I've noticed my teeth moving back to their pretreatment positions and it's not only alarming but unappealing. I want to get a new set as soon as possible before its too late, I kept the moulds made after my braces treatment so I believe about retainer could be casted from them. I thought as I was under 18(15) any treatment would be free of charge and covered by the NHS but the orthodontic clinic has argued otherwise. I did a tad of research and found this page claimimg that orthdontic/dental appliance replacement would come at a cost of £67 which is much more feasible, with the additional option of a refund for special cases, . There seems to be a huge degree of ambiguity in the process with is quite frustrating, and I have a feeling that even if successful in getting a new retainer, it will take months of waiting before I actually receive it.

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