How do i find a way to see my girlfriend Watch

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I've been going out with this girl for a month now, (we've known each other for 5 years when we went to the same piano class) she goes to a school near mine. However, I never get to see her, like I've seen her once during the time of our relationship so far. This is because her parents rarely let her go out and someone picks her up from school therefore, we can't meet up after school. The only time I saw her was when our schools joined up for an event. Call it clingy if u want to but I really want to see her, I only get to speak to her via text and on phone. Is there any way that we can meet up or at least talk face to face.
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Talk to her about actually seeing her now you two are in a relationship, hell I'd even go as far to turn up to her house and introduce myself to her parents if she agreed to it.

Just speak to her and express your need. You two are in a relationship after all, you should be seeing each other unless its a LDR or a strictly online relationship. I'm sure she feels the same about you and its just her parents are in the way, they probably dont want their daughter going out and turning into the same women that most parents fear their children will become when given lots of freedom.

Tl:dr - Speak to her about meeting up, maybe suggest going to her house so her parents and herself are in control. If she agrees then make an excellent impression with her parents and I'm sure they'll trust their daughter with you.
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Speak to her- tell her you would like to see her more often. You would need to let her know this so you both can make it happen.

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