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    I am thinking of applying to the following universities:
    1. University Of Birmingham
    2. LSE
    3. Durham University
    4. Warwick University
    5. Coventry University
    As of yet I have only done around 61 hours of work experience(no part-time jobs or any extracurricular activities e.g. NCS or Duke Of Edinburgh Award). I was wondering whether this would be enough. However, during my work experience placement I did go court and observe around 5 cases and talked to 3 barristers. I was thinking of doing a part time job during the summer holiday, but I was wondering whether I should just focus on my studies as I want to obtain 2 A*'s and an A.

    Thank you for your help.

    This is fine - 61 hours is more than most applicants will have (not the the universities will really care about how long you've done it for)
    Most universities don't consider extra-curriculars as part of your application unless they specifically relate to the course you're applying for
    Grades + law work experience is all you need

    (Coventry will give you an offer regardless of work experience)

    You do need to show that you understand what a career in Law involves so the court observation stuff is excellent and so is the 'talked to barristers'. You need to use this to illustrate a bigger point rather than just 'I did these things'. Use one of the cases you saw in court to explain how you feel about a career in Law and why you want to do this job - overcoming social inequalities, representing the less articulate/confident etc. If you can do any other 'observation' stuff like this over the summer, go for it - watching more court cases, a few days shadowing a solicitor etc.

    Don't forget that you need to show that you understand the need for 'people skills' so any part-time/volunteer work is useful as a way to explain this. Even doing something like a Race for Life or any other sponsored/charity event can be used to show that you have a sense of social responsibility, will see a task through to the end, enjoy a challenge, don't give up easily etc.

    There are Law lectures available to watch/listen to online :
    QMUL (http://www.law.qmul.ac.uk/events/podcasts/),
    Edinburgh ( http://www.law.ed.ac.uk/people/joshaw/podcasts),
    Gresham College (http://www.gresham.ac.uk/watch/?subject=law),
    and BBC R4 Law in Action (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006...odes/downloads)

    You also need to read some Law books. This is partly so you can mention this in your PS but also so you are sure you want to spend 3+ years reading this stuff! Its hard work and you need to certain you are really interested before you start the degree. Ideas of stuff to start with .... 1) https://www.amazon.co.uk/What-About-...7309684&sr=1-1 , 2)https://www.amazon.co.uk/Law-Very-Sh...university+law

    Screw Coventry as a choice, its not respected at all as opposed to your other choices. Durham and LSE require A*AA for Law and LSE are incredibly picky on so many A*s at GCSE. In place of Coventry, Leicester would be good, AAB which is lower than the others and still respectable for Law despite not being Russell Group.

    (Original post by ORW)
    Sxxxx Coventry as a choice.
    All applicants should have a lower grade choice - no matter how confident you feel about your grades, you will need a lower grade offer for an Insurance choice, or if you get no offer from your other choices (it happens).

    I would agree that Coventry is possibly not the finest alternative choice for Law - but people make choices for all sorts of reasons and do not deserve the derision of others.

    To find a 'lower offer' choice (or possibly two), a good place to look is WhatUni (http://www.whatuni.com/) as you use a grade range (ie. BBB) as a filter. Look at Brighton, Derby, Keele, Gloucestershire, Worcester as possible alternatives. Remember all LLB degrees are accredited by the Law Society - ie.therefore all these 'lower' Unis still have to be training to the required high standard the Law Society requires.
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