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    Hey Guys!

    I made this thread to show my appreciation to the student housing team as well as for the newcomers who might be coming to portsmouth. I'd like to give them a 5* rating. I went to the housing event that they organised and all the arrangements were beautiful and from the start of the event right to the end there was always someone there to lend a hand.
    To find the perfect house is no easy feat but the student housing team made sure each and every step ran smoothly and they made this hectic day a lot easier.
    They arranged for taxi's for groups of students to view different houses, as well as making booklets that contained maps and lists of all the properties available, they always had a phone on hand to call landlords ASAP, there was lovely light refreshments and plenty of stalls with information.
    And moreover the welcoming atmosphere I experienced from the team completely eased my tension as I knew I was in good hands.
    When you would finally make a decision about the house of your choice they help you with the contract/ paperwork process alongside with the agent to make sure that everything is correct.
    Even when an agent messed up with one of the houses I contacted the team and they sorted out everything beautifully
    When me and my family first came to the event, it was the first time we'd ever been to the uni and they were the first ones we met- but they represented the university wonderfully just like ambassadors. My parents were really happy to meet them.
    The whole team was great and they should be proud for putting on such a wonderful and helpful event!!!!
    I would like to say special thanks to Rachel, Bekki, Somaya, and Taz
    So Thank You guys and keep up the good work!!!!! you're all stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awww! What a lovely post D

    We've shared your lovely words with the team and it's brightened up everyone's Monday! Thank you so much Zara!

    Yep everything went smoothly overall, well done to all :congrats:
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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