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    I didn’t know what forum to put this under so just a guess. I’m struggling with motivation and willingness towards university. I’ve pulled the I’m ill card twice this week, but I really can be arsed to go in to uni. Any advice on how to gain motivation or anything?

    Don't make excuses, uni can sometimes be boring. Many people succeed outside of a uni education but they all are motivated. Either drop out and do something that will motivate you or try to look at what will happen as a consequence of skipping uni as motivation. Whats more boring, a lecture or working in mcdonalds for the rest of your life.
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    Agree with the above.

    If you don't enjoy your current degree, drop out and do something that will motivate you it could be apprenticeship or another degree. If you decide to drop out later, there may be financial implications.

    Why do you want your degree?

    Think about how proud your parents will go once you get your degree, think about the nice things you could do once you get a job as a graduate, think about how far you've come, think about the people who love you, do it for them!

    ^ These two guys right here have nailed it. Trust me buddy I've been there done that and dropping out is not as glamarous as it sounds. I dropped out a couple of years back and wow what cruel world it is out there. Had to move back to my hometown which was dismal, it's quiet, it's small and nothing much goes on here plus everyone else in my age group has left barr a few who didn't get far in life or messed up. I worked mundane slave like retail jobs which made life a living hell, felt like everyday was the same and repeating itself. No prospect of job security (a lot of these places did a "3 month probation" so that they could fire you when they had no more need for you at anytime) and worst off no promotions in sight! Now working for wetherspoons and it's merh but it's still an awful job that I won't be sorry to miss when I go back to uni next year. Buck you're ideas up, get off you're backside, quit whining and get on with it!! DO YOU'RE DEGREE! OR drop out and say hello to "would you like fries with that?" because contrary to popular belief that's what the real world is without a degree in most instances, it's only the lucky talented few who can blag a good life without one! I wish you all the best, you're more than welcome to PM me if you need any advice.
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    The moment when all the people you know will pass the modules and then have graduation parties and find jobs and have a good life could be terrible to you being stacked to "you want a bag sir?" for the rest of your life?

    Before I give you motivation, I have a question: why do you not have motivation to go? What's keeping you away from uni
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