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tired of feeling.

My relationship with my bf was for like 2 years, even in that time we had fallouts and got back together many times because of other factors affecting our relationship. He had a girl best friend and they were very close, some times I felt like the third wheel, but he assumed they weren't interested in that way and they weren't. When she had a bf he didn't like how close she and my bf were so he made her choice after a while, she chose her bf and completely stopped communications with my bf, during this time we were not together. With my bf and his best friend had some conflict, he was very upset because she didn't even tell him what was going on and he has attachment issues. Then he was interested in me again but most of the time I felt like he was replacing his best friend because me and her also had a lot of things in common and he was very sexual at the time, I didn't mind this and he was also seeing other girls, but I didn't find that out from him. I didn't mind it because I wasn't looking for something serious all this happened in the first year and in the second year after the Chrismouse holidays things were a little bit more serious and we started dating but I even at the beginning of the relationship he has been seeing the other girl that he has been seeing before and one of his other friends told him to confess after we have been dating for 8 months because it is not fair for me. SO he did, right before HSC exams, saying that he was overwhelmed with losing his best friend as his friend and because he is not a relationship person. He has been struggling with some mental health issues so I understood. I was heartbroken and depressed and wasn't doing so well because I missed him. Two days after the breakup I get a text from him saying that he needs someone to f*****, I said yes because I was desperate and missed him. We were hanging out together for more than the times in a week than when we were together. After three weeks of this, I find out that, he has also been together with the person that asked him to break up with me who was a girl too. He also confesses that he loves me and wasn't able to stop thinking about me and the only reason that he broke up with me was that he was pressured by her and because I didn't show him that I cared enough, and only showed it after we broke up. At this point, I wasn't aware of the cheating and when he asked me to get back with him I did because I thought it was my fault for not showing my true feeling because most of the time I was just helping him through his problems listening to him and caring for him and he was missing that. When we got back together he was so affectionate and we communicated better and so forth. But he move 2 hours away from me he lost touch with most of his friends and losing his best friend still affected him. He still came to visit me once a week, in the mouth of HSC and I was really busy studying but still made time for

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