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Can anyone help I am stuck on the above unit for my Business and Admin apprentice these are the questions I cant find any answer to...

Evaluate the effectiveness of different types of information on an administrative function.

Explain the basis for selecting tools, techniques and strategies to analyse administrative functions.

Explain the constraints attached to the use of resources needed to resolve administrative problems.

Explain how to apply risk assessment and management techniques to identify and resolve administrative problems.

Any help would be very much appreciated thank you
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Seems like we're doing the same course. I'm currently covering NVQ Unit 1 but I've only briefly managed to do the first learning outcome.

I'll give you my examples so it gets you thinking - this is also what my tutor advised too.

As far as information systems go, you need to consider what information systems you use. In my organisation, everything is either written or it's verbal. So then you need to continue to think about what kind of written information you have. So I've put down faxes, emails and letters (now think about what type of information you would find on these, look at the unit specification and it'll say things such as text, numbers, graphs etc) - so I've put down text and numbers (bills and invoices).

For things such as verbal information, this is usually through things such as being face to face with someone, so that could be a meeting. Telephone calls, Skype conversations, these are all words and half the time are usually short messages.

Then break it down further, what are the strengths and weaknesses of everything you've come up with so far. Remember that the keyword is evaluate so you need to consider:
What type of information are you getting? (so think verbal/written)
Where is it coming from? (think stakeholders)
Why do we need it? (purpose)
How does it help? (what are you gaining from having this info?)
Where is it stored? (database, paper copies etc)
Strengths and weaknesses. (advantages / disadvantages)

Hope this helps a little bit.

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