Aqa a level psychology 16 mark questions

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I’m struggling with writing 16 mark questions, and distinguishing the structure for them against 12 mark questions!!

Can anyone recommend a foolproof template/structure that works well for them to get full marks when writing 16 mark questions (providing we know the content!!)? I know that if there’s no STEM? then it’s 10 marks A01 and 6 marks A03, but how can I best structure my answers? Cheers😀
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I wrote this on another thread a little while ago. It’s not great but it’s a start and it has helped me. Hopefully you’ll get more replies but I hope this helps a little bit.

(Original post by chocolateoreo99)
Seeing as no one else has replied, I will try and help. I'm not amazing at 16 markers but I've found a method that seems to work for me so it might help you too. I used to average about 6-8 marks (lol) but now I average about 12 and hopefully will improve further.

In 16 markers you've got 6 marks A01 and 10 marks A02 (I believe?) except in an application question where it is a little different.

To start with, I usually include a paragraph of straight A01 without any evaluation, usually around 4-5 marks worth however if I dont have that its not too much of a worry as you can pick up A01 marks later on.

Then, I will follow up with secondary studies, I am hoping to have about 2 or 3, but obviously that completely depends on the question that comes up.

For evaluation, I saw this on YouTube. You use the word GRENADE.
G - gender bias
R - Reductionism (is it reductionist?)
E - Ethics (mention anything to do with this - informed consent? debreifing?)
N - Nature/nurture
A - Animal tudies (is it? Then mention any weaknesses of these if yes e.g. can't generalise results to humans)
D - Deterministic (is it)
E - Ethnocentric (is it?)

I really recommend the YouTuber Ibz Mo for psychology, he has a couple of videos on advice for AQA psychology and I found that they really helped me especially with longer answer questions. I know this answer is a bit muddled so hopefully you get some more replies but for now I hope this helps a little bit. Just make sure to practice 16 markers and if you don't have the time, just make 16 marker detailed plans instead.

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