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Hey guys, I would love to have your opinions on whether I should do Music for A level!

I've taken ABRSM diplomas in both violin and piano, and also working on gr 8 organ. I didn't do Music gcse, though my teacher said that I could still do Music A level without it.

Is the A level difficult without gcse and without experience in composing? Could anyone share about their experience with A level music? Will it limit my future options if I don't end up following a musical career? (My other A level options are English literature, French and either Maths or German) And is the rumour that universities don't see music as being 'academic' true?

Having a Music A level would allow me to apply for conservatoires and perhaps be useful if I decided to apply for an organ scholarship. Does anyone have experience with organ scholarships as well?

Thanks so much for your help xxx
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You should 100% do Music if you have music diplomas. In the A Level exam board your final grade is made up of various aspects, a listening test (essay, dictation and listening questions), a performance and composition (1 free and 1 chorale). Obviously the amount of influence each section has varies depending on the exam board.

Since you play the piano, composition should be easier for you, and as you have experience playing both independently and amongst a band I think you'll be able to compose for parts more naturally than others. I don't know about your school, but we have to create one free composition and a 32 bar choral. Chorales which are very functional and don't require a lot of creativity to produce due to particular laws you have to follow.

Personally, I would like to study music at university as it is a transferable skill and its something I enjoy. Many of the universities I have visited (Leeds, Huddersfield, Keele) value their music department very highly and some (such as Nottingham) had a very academic approach. They all seemed to invest heavily into the many different areas involved with studying music, i.e analysis, performance, production, sound physicsy stuff, composition, marketing and electronic, and so i think that rumour is untrue. Conservatoires are also an option of study, but are more focused on performance. Many of the entrants are required to have passed grade 8 and are expected to practice daily in order to become a virtuoso performer to live life in orchestras and that sort of stuff.

If you have any more questions about A Level Music let me know, however, I'm less knowledgeable about scholarships and all that stuff so I'm probably not the person to ask about that.

Wish you the best

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