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I was seeing a guy we had 3 dates in a short space of time and got on so well, he was making effort suggesting meeting, we went for drinks twice and then dinner, really relaxed and fun. He said lots of little things that suggested he saw us going somewhere such as mentioning me meeting his mum, mentioning one day seeing the little town I live in and mentioning a restaurant we both like and saying we could go there someday. He Often messaged me first. I stayed at his on the third date and we had a lovely time watching a film and slept together, not drunk, wasn’t awkward and we had breakfast and he kissed me goodbye in the morning. He messaged me first the next couple days so I thought All was good and he was still keen. Then over the weekend he seemed quiet and I thought maybe he was just busy (he was away for the weekend) he was still replying but not as quick or saying as much as usual. Something he said made me think, yeah he doesn’t want to see me again, so I asked him to be honest if he didn’t. He said he was just not ready for anything as he was busy with work and kind of content being on his own at the moment, and his last relationship which ended about 4 months ago had a messy end and started very quickly.

I just don’t understand why he said all those things when he feels this way? I need answers so I can relax and get over him but I know I can’t ask him without sounding crazy - we only had 3 dates! But I really felt like we clicked and was optimistic.. any ideas what his deal is?
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Cold feet, maybe felt like you were moving too fast and got scared. Or he was using you for sex.

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