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I have been losing weight because (to put it bluntly) I really hate myself and hate my appearance and feel disgusting and as a result, I will be crying over my appearance often. I’ve lost weight from 69kg down to 59kg and now I’m back up to 61kg. I aim to get to 54kg but I feel there is no point. The whole reason why I’m doing this is so o feel less ugly but I’m getting stretch marks on my arms and calves so I was upset. But now I’m also getting purple stretch marks and I feel even more disgusting. I really don’t know what to do. Lmao. Idk if there’s any point in putting this out there because there is nothing anyone can do and I know I should #learntolovemyself but that makes me want to throw up tbh and I think it’s impossible. Wtf can I do?
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Ty ❤️
(Original post by Tootles)

Though if OP is seriously concerned about it, Bio-Oil will help.

See above.

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