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Hi I was wondering if people who know anything about this course could help me out by answering a few questions. I'm really on the fence about applying for this course because I think I could either love it or just find it meh, and it also really opens up my career opportunities compared to my other options.

1. I know its based around eastern europe, but could I specialise in just a few areas of eastern europe? The balkans greatly interests me, and I do also find russian history interesting, but I'm really not sure about the rest since I've never studied it and I have no personal connection to it. I don't mind having to do a little bit here and there about countries I don't care about but full modules on this could bore me. For example, the module 'The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia 1918-1991' sounds so exciting to me but 'The Fall and Rise of the Polish Nation 1648-1921' sounds quite boring to be honest. Do you think I should be passionate about eastern europe as a whole or would I be fine if not?

2. How focused is it around eastern europe? When I look at some of the modules I don't understand how they could be focused on eastern europe, such as 'topics in microeconomics' or 'Introduction to Politics: The Big Questions'. How do they link these topics to eastern europe?

3. Will I be fine if I'm not amazing at maths? I didn't do it at a level and I got a 6 at GCSE, so I'm a little worried about this since economics and history interest me more than politics so I'd probably take it down that path. With that said the students there when I went to the open day said I'd be fine and that about 40% of their students don't have a level maths. Would I also be wrong to assume that you can take the economic side in a less mathematical direction since there are modules on political economy and economic history? I love these two areas and would I'd imagine that I'd like it more than hardcore mathematical economics but I don't know really

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