Should I get tested for Covid-19

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I’m 18 years old male. I came back to my home country from the UK 2 days ago. Currently, I’m self-isolating. I do not have fever, constant coughing or any breathing problems but I have constant headaches(including pain in the ear when I open my mouth), loose motions and a ‘weird’ mouth taste. I do get headaches quite often and a bit of pain in my ear but I’ve not had a ‘weird’ mouth taste before. I had a lot unhealthy food so loose is not a surprise either.
Should I get tested for Covid-19 or should I wait and only get tested if I have a fever/coughs/breathing problem?
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If you can ask to be tested with those symptoms and actually be given a test then you’re very lucky. Here in the UK only people who are in hospital, or people who have travelled from affected places like Italy, can be tested with any symptoms.

If you can be tested easily and tests are very available then there’d be no harm in getting a test. But if tests are rationed the way they are in the UK you’ll have no chance of getting one if you don’t even have the classic symptoms.

Good luck.

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