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should i drop out of sixth form?

i’m sure this question has been answered so many times on here, but i’m seriously torn between what’s best.
i’m currently on around week 6 of sixth form, and i’ve just started year 12, but i’m already really disliking it. i can’t help but feel like it’s just not something for me, but i feel so guilty whenever i think about dropping out and doing something like an apprenticeship as i’ve been made to feel like that means i’ve failed almost?
i’m 16 and i know that obviously i have to be in full-time education of some sort until i turn 18, but i was wondering if apprenticeships are good things to turn to and if anybody has done the same thing (going from sixth form to one instead/or what alternative people did and how it turned out?)
i got top grades in my gcses so i’ve been told i’ll be ‘wasted’ if i don’t follow through the traditional route from alevels to uni so it’s completely holding me back from wanting to make the decision, but despite the fact i went into sixth form with a positive mindset, i’m already taking a complete negative view on it - i really don’t enjoy the work so far at all and i just don’t like the whole atmosphere of the sixth form, so i dread going in now and have a ton of anxiety about it.
i know it will probably vary depending on what path i want to go down as that will change the apprenticeship i go for, but i was just wondering if anybody else has had this problem and what they did? if you did drop out, did you end up regretting it or was it for the best?
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Its probably worthwhile sticking around. Getting a levels will keep your options open and will open doors to better apprenticeships. You may want to consider changing your a levels to ones that are easier if you arent motivated
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this is a year late so what did you end up doing?
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