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Dropping out of sixth form/college to do an apprenticeship?

What the title says really.

I genuinely just hate sixth form/college. It's not necessarily bad per say but I am just so bored and unmotivated. I don't care about the work and I don't care about the classes. I love my friends and that's the only reason I turn up at all.

I don't necessarily like despise the classes if that makes sense? I think two of my teachers are lovely. However, I just don't care? I'm wondering if dropping out and doing a childcare apprenticeship would be a better option, honestly. My friend has done this and has loved it and I adore children, too. This isn't to solely copy my friend, I know that would be a dumb idea but seeing her so happy after hating sixth form makes me think i could have that shot of happiness too?

I don't always hate it but I'm starting to wonder if thinking I should drop out so much signifies that I probably should find something else to do.

I think honestly I'm just scared that I'm limiting myself. I'm scared that I'm going to drop out and do this apprenticeship and find myself stuck in a dead end job because I didn't stick out my A Levels. My mom thinks the same and that it'd be easy to just get stuck like she did.

I don't want to limit myself but I don't want to be unhappy either? I don't know how to explain it and am probably waffling. I'm not sad, I'm just numb and bored and so so done with life.

Anyways yeah, I'm scared of dropping out but I also despise being stuck here and I just keep wondering if I'm delaying the inevitable by not leaving now and trying to stick it out.

I don't know whether to try and buckle down and get through my A levels to give myself a better shot of getting a better job in the future? I dislike life in general so at least I'd have money to sooth this ache a little lmfao.

Anyways yeah both the present and future is just too much.

Any advice, or help?
Go with whatever makes you happy.

There's always the option of doing the Open University later if you want a change of career.
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Hey just wondering, what did you decide to do I'm currently stuck in the same position and doing my AS levels and I'm thinking of dropping out to do Childcare too but I'm worried about limiting myself.
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