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Family dysfunction model of schizophrenia

Can anyone help me out with this question? How do I structure it?

Discuss the family dysfunction model of schizophrenia. (16 marks)
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There are lots of ways to structure an answer to this. You'll want to discuss expressed emotion and double-bind theory in your answer.

I would do the following:

Paragraph 1: Double bind theory AO1
Paragraph 2: Expressed emotion AO1
Paragraph 3: Research support for expressed emotion - Tiernari et al.
Paragraph 4: Individual differences for expressed emotion- Lebell et al. (depends on how content is appraised)
Paragraph 5: Practical application- family therapy
Paragraph 6: Ethical issues with placing blame on the family.

Equally, you could do:
AO1 double bind theory
AO3 double bind theory
AO3 double bind theory
AO1 expressed emotion
AO3 expressed emotion
AO3 expressed emotion

Hope that helps x

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