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EPQ question help!

I want to do an EPQ on the genetics of schizophrenia (which genetic variations contribute to the risk and manifestation of schizophrenia) and maybe look at neurotransmitters too, however I feel like this is a rather broad topic and quite difficult to actually write, so I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to narrow down my topic or possible questions I could consider?
My exam board is AQA if that helps
Thank you :smile:
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hi, my school have recommended for EPQ to make sure there is a question being asked in your title. im no expert at genetics but something along the lines of “Do genetic variations contribute to schizophrenia”. An example of this in a different topic could be ”Has advertising around gambling changed since 1900” it’ll give you an argument to prove and help it be more specific
id also suggest you look into the available literature about that topic, as it seems quite niche and you need to have stuff to research, especially since you’ll be reliant on secondary research (what other people have done). if there’s limited stuff avaialble (on things like google scholar) it might be necessary to change to a more researched topic

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