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someone please help

I only need a B in higher moddies but with all the effort i've been putting into this subject, i would be sorta disappointed if I didn't get an A. my teacher is fine but quite strict, so i'm partly banking on the fact that my marker is likely to be a bit more lenient

i've learned the knowledge i need for my essays quite well but struggle with the fact that even if i memorise a statistic it doesn't always get a KU mark.

also with the 12 markers, they can be very specific. i don't see how im meant to answer the 12 marker in the 2022 paper for example about the case for devolved government in scotland when i've only got the information for one paragraphs worth

any advice would be really appreciate. we're doing democracy in the uk, social inequalities and the conflict in ukraine
Hi. I'm doing the same topics as you except for the ukraine part, we're doing World Power USA.
I'm an A student, and what I do is making flashcards for the essay. I just go through the powerpoints (u could ask the teacher to give u this) or class notes. Then I make flashcards only for example statistics, as I feel the KU part is just about breaking down your topic into a bunch of basic words. When writing an essay, you should try to write as if you are teaching to someone who has never done moddies before. So, u try to explain as much as u can. This actually gets me marks in essays. Just remember the structure, understand the basic subtopics and learn examples by heart and u will be golden.
As for the 12 markers, my teacher said their marking is also a bit more flexible so they generally are generous with marks. You should go for 3 paragraphs worth 4 marks each. If you want, u can technically go onto BBC Bitesize and research more content, then look up examples and build ur own essay if u don't have notes. This will get you marks as it is allowed as long as its related to the course you have studied.
I'm attaching the link for the 2022 MI, u can make notes from it here:

I've also got a strict teacher who also particular students but the good thing is, strict teachers can prepare u for the worst case scenario. I hope u get a lenient marker, but even if u have a strict marker, it can be good too since you are already prepared for this with your teacher experience. So consider this too!

Best of luck, hope this helps

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