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Will I fail the health check?

I am hoping to study optometry, starting in September. There is a health check and I am worried that I might fail, as I am diagnosed with (edited out: illness) and have had several episodes. I have a history of not being treatment compliant, but now I am compliant.

Does anyone know if I am likely to fail the health check? This is really important to me.
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The only person who can really advise on this will be Occupational Health and your GP. You can always request an independent Occy Health assessment following on from the eval done by your GP (I would assume).

If you have been compliant with ongoing treatment and your condition is well managed now and has been for some time then you needn't worry too much, remember this is for the safety of the patients and you. You may be appointed someone at the University to speak to in terms of your long term condition, this will work as a wider net to support you throughout your studies.

Remember that each candidate is evaluated individually on their past medical history and current conditions, so you won't find a blanket yes or no on an internet forum. My advice would be to speak to your GP re how you feel your condition is managed at the moment under a 'review' which will then be factored in with their professional opinion in terms of safety and fitness to practise.

I hope this helps!

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