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IB irregular diploma for NatSci at Cambridge?

Hello! I intend to study natural sciences at uni, hopefully at Cambridge as I enjoy all three sciences. I find the three subjects equally intriguing to me, and I particularly enjoy learning about the interconnection between bio, chem and phys. To me, humanities and social sciences are (no offense!) uninteresting.

However, I will be an IB student next year, and IB requires us to study at least one Group 3 (social science) subject. Yet, I remain passionate solely about sciences and I believe in science supremacy :smile:

Should I go for the irregular diploma and replace the Group 3 subject with another science, or settle down with a social science I never like? Is holding an irregular diploma disadvantageous in applications to prestigious unis like Cambridge? Any advice, ideally from IB irregular diploma holders, would be greatly appreciated!! :biggrin:

FYI my gcse results: 999999 (math, fm, bio, chem, phy, compsci), others all 6/7s (in languages / social science)

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