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German oral exam

I wanted to ask if teachers go over the oral exam (MFL oral examination) before submitting the whole thing? And is it compulsory for them to say the candidate number and centre number before they start recording and if they don’t say it, then what would happen?

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Hey, the teacher will say the candidate number and centre number before you start the convo - but the the time starts when you (the candidate) make a sound. So as soon as you say which questions you have chosen the time starts (as there is a max time allowance). This means no matter how long your teacher takes to read you candidate number etc, don't worry that's not using up your time until you speak or say "er" etc.
I'm not sure if they get to go over it as they're not supposed to redo it however I'd imagine they check that everything recorded okay.
So as far as I know careful consideration is when you alert the exam board that something went wrong in the exam so they may add a percentage to your overall grade - not much but if they think that whatever happened may have impacted your grade. For example, if you work with a word processor, sometimes something goes wrong with technology and if you have to wait for your word processor to be fixed that could impact your grade even if you get that time back at the end of the exam because the exam hasn't gone smoothly. This could have taken you out of exam mode and it can be difficult to focus properly again. Hence, if you let them know something went wrong, they may consider giving you a couple of extra marks.

Thats fine - I'm sure your teacher knows that its all fine. Also, I'm sure the board would contact them if the recording doesn't work properly as that's obviously not your fault.

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