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People who live in the countryside, I need a business idea.

My mother, who is an engineer, is relocating to the countryside due to work, and as I am 18 years old, I will also be moving with her. The town we are moving to has a population of around 30,000.

People who live in the countryside, does anyone have any suggestions for a potential business venture in this area?
I work in a city but live in a small town very near to rural countryside. I volunteer in the countryside with horses so hopefully I am qualified to answer :colondollar:

If you are looking for casual money you could look for seasonal picking work on farms or mucking out stables, in terms of actual business ventures the main things I see around my local area (there are not many jobs at all to be honest which is why I commute to a city) are things like scrap metal collectors, plumbers, painters/decorators and landscape services. All of the above are usually people who are self employed who set up their own businesses.

However at your age you would probably be better getting an apprenticeship alongside one of these self employed businesses.

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