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Windows 11 or 10?

Currently upgrading to windows 11 but not sure whether to cancel it?
They are both about as mediocre as each other. Windows 10 will be retired before Windows 11. So you might as well install 11 and run that for the lifetime of your PC.

Something that annoyed the hell out of me is that you have to use a silly work-around (google it for details) to install 11 without creating a Microsoft account.

Linux is a very valid alternative to Windows - depending on what applications you will be running.

BTW, it makes me laugh, thinking back on threads from this section of the forum from about 3 years ago, when a certain prolific poster was saying that Windows 10 would be the last ever Windows. At the time I expressed the opinion that one should take Microsoft's marketing with a pinch of salt.

I'm writing this post on a Windows 7 laptop. It's not like old operating systems suddenly stop working, just because Microsoft deems them outdated.

Just make sure you've got all your data backed up (including internet bookmarks and passwords) and any paid-for software license keys before embarking on the migration to 11.

I disable Windows auto updates (via gpedit on Pro versions of Windows). And I also use the Chris Titus debloat script.

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